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  • Sarah Hallberg’s 5 Rules

    This is one of the best presentations I have seen on the status quo and why it is wrong.

    Here the list extracted from the video below:

    1 – Reject Light, Low Fat, or Fat Free – Don’t buy it because if they took the fat out they replaced it with carbs or chemicals.

    2 – Eat Food, Real Food. It should be obvious looking at it what is real and what is processed.

    3 – Don’t eat anything you don’t like.

    4 – Eat when you’re hungry, don’t went you’re not.

    5 – No GPS – Grains, Potatoes, or Sugar

    So why is low carb not the norm?

    1 – Status Quo is hard to change

    2 – Money – Big Pharma has a lot to be made by keeping you sick 🙁

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